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Cash flow management is a critical aspect of small business success
May 19, 2023
Cash flow management is a critical aspect of small business success. Poor cash flow management can lead to financial difficulties […]
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The War of Art: Book Review and Key Takeaways
April 16, 2023
The War of Art by Steven Pressfield is a must-read for anyone looking to get ahead in life, whether you're […]
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Have you got a Business Plan?
March 26, 2023
A business plan is a crucial tool for any business. It lays out the goals, strategies, and financial projections in […]
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Have you thought about how artificial intelligence (AI) could help your business?
February 12, 2023
It's important to be aware of new technology that could help your efficiency in any business. We're used to companies […]
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Atomic Habits: Book review and key takeaways
February 1, 2023
"Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones" by James Clear is a […]
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Review the year that's been and plan for the year ahead
January 5, 2023
What are your business goals for the year ahead? The beginning of a new calendar year is an excellent time […]
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Welcome to 2022!
January 5, 2022
Once again 2021 is a year we'd rather forget. But first, take a few minutes to reflect on your learnings, […]
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There are seven ways to grow your business
October 5, 2020
Looking to grow your business? We can help you with 7 ways to grow your business, the first 5 grow your sales, the last 2 reduce costs. Which of the 7 ways will you focus on first? Talk to us #SevenWays #GrowYourBusiness #GrowYourSales #ReduceYourCosts
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Don't neglect your Balance Sheet
September 29, 2020
Your business may be profitable but is it solvent? Your #BalanceSheet is a key indicator of solvency; neglect it at your peril! Profitable businesses can & do go broke. Discover 4 areas of your #BalanceSheet focus to maximise success!
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